It is imperative to instil the love of dance in all of our students, no matter which program they wish to take. Each student is nurtured and encouraged to train at a level which best suits the individual, whilst maintaining a healthy life balance. 


All new students are offered a FREE TRIAL. This gives each student an idea of classes they might wish to enrol in as well as giving teachers the opportunity to see what the child is capable of before deciding on group placement. 


You can book your trial in by clicking here to register your interest. 



  Elite Training Program - Junior, Intermediate & Senior

We believe that whilst dance is a major focus for our Elite stream students, it is imperative to have a balance between dance, school and outside activities, therefore our ETP students only train two days a week with the option of taking on more training for those who wish to. We strongly believe in our coaching methods and we continue to achieve excellent results without over-training.


There are a minimum amount of classes each of our Elite streams must attend per week to be eligible for competition team. Entry into the program is by invitation for existing students and new students may be invited to join the ETP after a trial week. 


Our students are at an exceptional level and our staff and students alike, are committed to striving for excellence in every session. Classes are fast-paced, up to date and advanced to assist our students in preparing for a career in the industry. 


ETP students compete at three or four competitions throughout the year as a group and as soloists if they wish.
Private coaching is available to all students in the ETP however not compulsory. 


Junior Classes Offered: 
Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, Classical, Acrobatics, General Extension, Acrobatics Extension, Musical Theatre, Core & Conditioning, Competition, Technique, Stretch.


Intermediate Classes Offered:

Stretch, Core & Conditioning, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Competitions, Classical, Acrobatics, Technique/Progressions.


Senior Classes Offered: 

Technique/Progressions, Core & Conditioning, Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary combo, Open Age Competitions.


 All classes offered are compulsory except Extension Programs for students who wish to be part of the Competition team.



  Advanced Open Classes

We understand the demands of school, university and work for older students in particular, therefore we hold weekly open classes for advanced dancers  (Aged 14+)  with no commitment. Prior training and experience is necessary as these classes are for advanced dancers. 


Classes Offered:
Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Combo Class, Technique/Progressions, Core & Conditioning



 Junior Recreational Program


Our Recreational Program offers a variety of classes for our students. We build a strong foundation of technique with our students to prepare them for annual performances. A level of commitment is required for training and performances however no competitions are involved for our Recreational Program students. 


Classes Offered:

Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, Classical, Acrobatics, General Extension, Acrobatics Extension, Musical Theatre, Stretch & Conditioning & Technique


All classes are optional. 


Pre-School/Petite Recreational Program 


Enrolling your child in dancing at a young age, assists in the development of fine and gross motor skills, balance, improves listening and response to music as well as teaching them to take instruction. Dance provides an outlet for young ones to express their creative character and enhances social interaction. 


Our Pre-School/Petite Recreational Programs are ideal for building an excellent foundation for Dance, from a young age. A level of commitment is required for training and annual performances however no competitions are involved for our Petite Recreational Program students. 


Classes Offered:

Tinies: General  (Jazz & Ballet)  Acrobatics & Hip Hop - for pre-school ages 3-5 

Minis: Jazz,  Acrobatics, Lyrical & Hip Hop for school aged students Prep to Gr 2


The Petite Recreational  Program classes are designed to give students the best possible start to their dance journey and a taste of a few different genres. By using correct dance terminology, the students develop an early understanding of the English and French terms used in Dance and learn correct technique from an early age. 


Our Pre-School program is designed to inspire even the youngest dancers. We teach the basic foundations of dance and with the incorporation of imaginative exercises, it creates a wonderful introduction to dancing. 



Musical Theatre & Singing Program 


Our Musical Theatre Program focuses on acting, improvisation, group singing and performance quality. To be successful in the entertainment industry, students must be a triple threat in Singing, Dancing and Acting, therefore we offer this program to provide our students with the necessary skills to attend auditions, workshops and to enhance the students confidence, on and off stage. 


We also offer private coaching in Singing. 


Please contact us for more information regarding our programs.