We have extension programs for students who wish to participate in more weekly classes. The benefit of enrolling in such programs, is that students are working more consistently in perfecting new skills and techniques, which in turn will assist in their development.  

Our industry professional teaching staff know how to get the best out of each individual and taking the extension classes are a surefire way to accelerate the students ability and confidence. 

General Extension Program

Our General Extension Program not only covers additional dance training, it also incorporates the importance of working on mindset and positive reinforcement within the students as individuals and towards their teammates. Students are required to bring a dance journal to class to record their progress and are given homework to complete after each class. 

The main focus for this program is: 

  • Technique

  • Turns

  • Kicks

  • Jumps

  • Progressions

  • Improvisation 

  • Positive Mindset 

  • Self-Confidence 

  • Team Building

This class is designed to accelerate technique and execution of movement. Students are given challenging combinations  and individual sets to work on based on their ability and personal goals. Each student is to select a few different things they wish to focus on for the term and set a time frame to achieve their goals. 

  Acrobatics Extension Program  


 These classes aim to provide a solid foundation in fundamental gymnastics techniques while teaching participants how to learn progressively.

Classes are broken down into seperate areas with a specific focus.

Students begin with a warm up and then work on their flexibility. Basic shapes and static positions are then worked on to develop spatial and body awareness as well as the strength required to correctly perform tumbling elements.Remaining time is spent on applying skills learned to develop floor work. 

The main focus for this program is: 

  • Developing Strength, Flex and Core​

  • Improving Technique

  • Learning and perfecting new acrobatics skills​

Once the students have a solid base to build on, they start to learn advanced tumbling.