At Trilogy Dance Company, we are always excited to provide our students with industry opportunities and we love sharing the success of our students both as a group and as individuals. 


We are very proud of our beautiful students Georgia and Kelly, both of whom have exclusively trained under the Trilogy family for their entire dance careers until being offered local, interstate and international contracts with Masters Of Choreography, which will see them travel extensively in 2019 and beyond. 


So far in 2019, we have been invited to participate in numerous events. All of which have been fantastic opportunities for our students. Some of them include Masters of Choreography Pre-Show Entertainment for Beats on Pointe and Masters Of Choreography production of Iconology, Little Learners Entertainment Show and the Whittlesea Community Festival where our Tinies, Minis, and Juniors all performed. 


Our students Mykayla, Nikita and Stephanie students successfully auditioned and performed with MYCB's production of Carmen and The Wizard Of Oz, over the last two years we have had 5 students, Alyssa, Mia, Stephanie, Sienna and Reyne all accepted into Dr. Lisa's Dance Prescription team. Several students from ages 5 to 10 were selected to model for the Eminence Heritage Dance Wear brand, 


Since 2016, we have had several students take out the top 10 overall soloists at Regional and Interstate competitions such as Showcase, Hollywood Bound, Dancelife Unite and FYD with many of them taking out the National Champion Dancer Title over their age groups. 


Congratulations to Kelly & Georgia, who are both part
of the Australian and International Touring Cast of Beats On Pointe. 

Congratulations to our
Tinies and Juniors who
were invited to
perform at the
Little Learners Open Day.

Congratulations to Georgia
& Kelly who are both part
of the Australian and
International Touring
Cast of Beats On Pointe. 

Congratulations to Reyne who was awarded the Judges Choice awards at MDC & Crowned Champion Dancer at FYD. 

Congratulations to our comp students on receiving the Classical, Lyrical and Contemporary Aggregate
at Crown. 

Congratulations to Alyssa, Reyne and Sienna F on successfully auditioning
for the 2018
Dance Prescription team.