Elizabeth - Parent to Petite & Mini Students, Lilijana and Mariana

"Trilogy Dance Company isn't just a Dance Company it's a family. From teachers, parents, teammates there is always encouragement, support and team spirit. They are taught in a positive, fun, caring environment and to be the best that they can be. They look forward to their classes every week with excitement. They both love Trilogy DC and look up to the older girls who are such an inspiration for young girls like mine. All the students and teachers look out for each other and encourage each other. The staff are doing such an amazing job with our children and I thank them all for allowing my little girls to feel like they are part of something that is more than just a dance studio."

Lisa - Parent to Petite and Mini Students, Sienna and Mia 

"My two daughters attend Trilogy DC and all I can say is WOW!!! They are more than just a dance school. Trilogy DC uses a holistic approach, they educate the whole person (body, mind and soul). The teachers are caring and nurturing primarily focusing on developing the child's self esteem, confidence and attitude. Trilogy DC assists their students to grow together as one team. We are truly blessed to be part of this amazing dance family."

Lorraine - Parent to Inter Student,  Antonia 

"Well what can I say.....My daughter has had the best time with Trilogy DC since moving in 2017. She has made life long friends. The joy when she has to go dancing and the tears when she cannot go, absolutely shows me true dedication and passion for dance. Obviously its all got to do with her team in Inter Elite and for her Teachers believing in her. She has grown so much and I am pleased to say that this will be a journey with this dance school for many years to come. Thank you all for welcoming and believing in my daughter and also for nurturing her when needed. Your understanding as a Dance school and aswell as a true beliver that their health and mentality comes first has made me believe I have definitely made the right choice.  Thank you to all the staff members"

Liz - Parent to Senior Students, Olivera & Jessica

"My family highly recommends Trilogy Dance company for its professional staff that are highly skilled, passionate, disciplined, understanding, promote positivity and continually drive and challenge the students with new skills and opportunities. Such a comfortable and warm atmosphere with supportive parents and students. Outstanding!"

Odelia - Parent to Senior Student, Dana

"We are entering our fifth year with Trilogy Dance Company and we couldn’t be happier. We have formed friendships which have now become family and we love sharing our lives with our new found families. As any other mother, watching your daughter dance is an amazing feeling, watching my girl grow over the last five years has been so rewarding. Standing on a stage performing with her troupe, to watching her take the stage as a soloist, my heart explodes with pride each time. Thanks to Trilogy Dance Company for believing in, nurturing and guiding my girl into the dancer she has become today"

Amber - Parent to Inter Student, Mia

"Mia loves Trilogy Dance Company. Since moving at the beginning of 2017, her improvement has been out of sight. Her technique has improved but most importantly shes having fun. Since starting she was welcomed with open arms by teachers and students. If you're looking for a professional dance school that work hard and have great time doing so, then look no further"

Tracey - Parent to Petite Student, Sheydin

"My daughter moved to Trilogy in 2017 and we can't be happier. We love the friendly, nurturing nature of the teachers and the opportunities that are available to develop in dance. I asked my daughter what she likes and she said everyone is just really nice"

Rebecca - Parent to Sub Junior Student, Lashae

"Trilogy Dance Company is an excellent place to enroll your child in dance classes. This family run business takes pride in excelling your child's strengths and bring out the best in your child. They will love every minute of their time at this dance studio in a safe and harmonious environment. Well worth enrolling your child there"

Gabi - Parent to Sub Junior Student, Ava

"My daughter Ava, has made many wonderful friends from dancing and has learnt so much, including discipline, dedication, teamwork and passion. Trilogy DC offers so much to all their students but most importantly how to feel good about themselves.  Every time Ava leaves a dance class, she has a huge smile through satisfaction and perseverance. Ava is very fortunate to be part of the Trilogy DC family and would never want to be anywhere else"

Sonia - Parent to Inter Student, Mia

"I am so happy with the quality of professional training and such a friendly atmosphere. My daughter Mia has gained so much confidence personally, made beautiful friends and improved immensley with her dance ability since training with Trilogy DC. The teachers are so experienced and passionate about what they do and bring out the best in all their students. Mia loves going to dance, has truly found her passion and I am so glad she is with Melbournes best Dance Studio!"

Susana - Parent to Sub Junior & Petite Students, Sienna and Alyssa

"Trilogy Dance Company is an awe inspiring dance school. The dancers are ridiculously talented and my two young dancers can't wait to attend dance class every week so that they can learn from their favourite Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Ballet and Acro teachers and dance just like them one day! My two young daughters are happy and confident little dancers thanks to Trilogy Dance Company. Being a part of the Trilogy Dance family and seeing their dance friends is a weekly highlight. With Trilogy DC's vision, focused training, support and guidance, I can't wait to see what the future holds for them!"

Tania - Parent to Senior Student, Julia

"Amazing dance school with talented teachers and excellent training . All dancers and teachers are supportive and caring towards each other. Great family environment"

Suzana - Parent to Senior Student, Chantelle

Trilogy DC is a dancing school of 3 generations, my daughter has been part of this dance school for the past 11 years and she loves it. She has learnt how to be organised and to manage her time, be the best that she can be, disciplined, develop her passion for dance, learn new things every time, but above all just have fun with her dance family. It's an amazing environment for kids, we all feel like a big dance family , so if your child loves to dance, Trilogy DC it's place to be. 

Belinda - Parent to Intermediate Student, Olivia 

"I am so thrilled to be part of this amazing dancing school. This studio means alot to my family and I, with so many of us involved. The quality of the dancers is second to none, with thanks to the amazing teachers at Trilogy Dance Company. Olivia enjoys going to dancing and I can see her passion grow every week, to strive and become an even better dancer. The friendships, discipline, respect, dedication these teachers and students share is just amazing. I am so glad my daughter goes to the best school in Melbourne."

Fay - Parent to Sub Junior Student, Kayla

"Absolutely amazing teachers. My daughter looks foward to her classes and is always excited about what they are going to learn. Very friendly atmosphere and kind people. If your child/children wants to do dancing, I highly recommend Trilogy Dance Company. My daughter says "it's lots of fun".

Jessica - Parent to Petite Student, Sienna  

"I danced at this dance school for many years, and now my daughter dances here. Trilogy Dance Company is a family where the kids get the best training from amazing teachers with so much experience. Not only do they learn how to dance they learn respect, commitment and make the best friendships!"

Athina - Parent to Senior Student, Fiona

"An amazing place where the children can further their passion of dance while they build beautiful friendships."