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Elite Training Program

It is imperative to instil the love of dance in all of our students, no matter which program they wish to take. Each student is nurtured and encouraged to train at a level which best suits the individual, whilst maintaining a healthy life balance. 

We believe that whilst dance is a major focus for our Elite stream students, it is imperative to have a balance between dance, school and outside activities, therefore our ETP students are only required to train two days a week with the option of adding an additional day if they choose.


We strongly believe in our coaching methods and we continue to achieve excellent results without over-training leading to burn out. 


There is a minimum of 8 classes each of our Elite streams must attend per week to be eligible for competition team. Entry into the program is by invitation for existing students and new students may be invited to join the ETP after a trial week. 


Our students are at an exceptional level and our staff and students alike, are committed to striving for excellence in every session. Classes are fast-paced, up to date and advanced to assist our students in preparing for a career in the industry if that is what they desire. 


ETP students compete at two/three competitions throughout the year as a group and as soloists if they wish. We also offer in-house performance opportunities and annual events. 

Private coaching is available to all students in the ETP however not compulsory. 


Recreational Program 

Our Junior and Pre Inters Recreational Programs offers a variety of classes for our students (generally but not limited to) ages 3+.

We build a strong foundation of technique with our students to prepare them for annual performances.

Our classes are fun and engaging with caring and knowledgable teachers who understand how important it is to build confidence from a young age.  


Although these are recreational classes, our training is structured to prepare our students for an Elite level of training as they get older (if they wish).

We also offer Private Dance and Singing tuition to suitable students from Minis and Up

A staff member will contact the Parent/Guardian if they feel the student is ready for Private tuition.

All classes are optional and are scheduled across 1 to 2 days a week, depending on which group the student is suitable for and which genres you choose. 

A level of commitment is required for recreational training and performances. We like our students to have something exciting to work for and to give Parents/Guardians a chance to see their dancers up on stage, showcasing their hard work.

Some of our recreational students are part of the competition stream where they will compete at 1 or 2 competitions throughout the year. 


Pre-School Program 

Enrolling your child in dancing at a young age, assists in the development of fine and gross motor skills, balance, improves listening and response to music as well as teaching them to take instruction. Dance provides an outlet for young ones to express their creative character and enhances social interaction. 


Our Pre-School/Petite Recreational Programs are ideal for building an excellent foundation for Dance, from a young age. A level of commitment is required for training and annual performances however no competitions are involved for our Pre-School Program students. 


Our program is designed to give students the best possible start to their dance journey and a taste of a few different genres. By using correct dance terminology, the students develop an early understanding of the English and French terms used in Dance and learn correct technique from an early age. 


We aim to inspire even the youngest dancers. We teach the basic foundations of dance and with the incorporation of fun, imaginative exercises, it creates a wonderful introduction to dancing. 

Our youngest dancers can start at age 2. 

Young Ballerinas_edited.jpg

We offer an Elite Open Program for students who still want to dance and perform without being part of the  competition team. 

Although these classes open, we still focus on correct technique and expect a strong level of commitment, given most of the open classes perform at our in-house events. 

Our program offers: 

- Jazz/Lyrical 

- Technique 

- Hip Hop 

- Adult Open Class 

Open classes are all held on the one night, giving students the opportunity to still attend classes and have performance opportunity, without committing the additional night of training that is required to be part of the competition team. 

Open Program 

Extension Programs support the needs of students who are committed to progressing in a chosen field. Our programs are designed to fast track improvement and skill set whilst building confidence. 

Our programs include:

- Acrobatics (Recreational) 

There are endless benefits for all ages in taking Acrobatics classes. Our focus is on acrobatics skill sets,  building strength, flexibility, technique, body alignment and spatial awareness.  It also enhances the body's balance and agility and promotes proper posture and coordination. 

Our program is an extension on our regular Acrobatics class and therefore, students must be enrolled in mainstream classes to take extension classes. 

- Junior Development Squad 

This program is for our younger aspiring Juniors who are keen to take their dancing to the next level. 

The focus is on mindset, goal setting, team building, solo and group choreography, make up workshops, industry classes and audition preparation. 


Extension Programs

Private Coaching is available in both Dance and Singing. 


Private lessons have a face-to-face setting wherein your instructor will focus only on you. Our experienced coaches personalise and structure a lesson plan based on the students skill level. 


Private coaching fast tracks individual progress and our coaches will bring out the best in your dancer/singer by finding age appropriate choreography and songs and tailoring solos that showcase your Childs strengths. Coaches can also work on any weaknesses in these lessons by providing positive and beneficial feedback and homework to help your child grow and progress at their own pace. 

Private coaching is a great way to build and boost confidence, no matter what standard the child is at. Most students who take private dance coaching, enter in competitions throughout the year but the option to have a one on one session just for technique purposes and without competing, is also an option. 


Singing students will perform throughout the year at our external events to gain confidence in front of an audience and learning proper microphone techniques. 

Private Coaching 

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